Back to School

It’s that time of year when we hope for cooler weather and happily or reluctantly get the kids back to school. For some, this means getting kids up and out the door every morning, hopefully fed and appropriately dressed. Not for us. We home school. Which is not a verb, technically, but in modern day times, has become one. I digress.

Maybe you educate your child/ren at home, also. Follow along with me as I list the various things I try to do/not do.

Plan to have an iced coffee while you're planning

Plan to have an iced coffee while you’re planning

  • Get a really awesome planner. It will help you feel organized. New things are refreshing. Until they aren’t new anymore. Then they can be depressing, guilt-ridden pages of unfinished tasks.
  • Blow off that guilty conscious. You don’t need any negativity hanging around. It will sap your energy and leave you at a stalemate.
  • Have an iced coffee. You need to relax and recharge a bit so you can get started with a positive outlook. If you don’t believe it, how are you ever going to sell it to the young ‘uns?
  • Exhale. You do not have to teach your children everything in life they need to know. Teach them to learn. Lead them to love it. Help them become a good person.
  • Remember why you are doing this. If you’ve never thought about your goals for your children’s education, take some time and do it. Real goals, life goals. I used this article as a guide.
  • Stop paying too much for cold brew coffee and make your own concentrate at home. You don’t have time to go out anyway. You’ve got lessons to plan!

What else do you do to get ready? How do you refresh yourself during the rough patches? You do have rough patches, don’t you?


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