Cooking From Scratch

It seems a lot of people don’t cook at home much anymore. Life has become busier, while restaurants and fast food places have become more plentiful. But is that really the way you want to feed yourself or your family? Many of those offerings are laden with fat and empty calories, and serving sizes have become ridiculously large. This can lead to becoming overweight and under nourished.

You can make a change. There are a lot of valid reasons for not cooking. My goal is to help youred-bell-peppers overcome any lack of skills, confidence, or time so you can enjoy home cooked meals. Your reward will be food that is tastier, more economical, and usually healthier than what you would get when eating out, especially if you are eating lots of fast food.

By stocking your pantry with basic staples and DIY mixes, you can have the things you neQuick-baking-mixed to prepare your meals without a trip to the grocery store every night. This kind of frequent shopping is a huge time waster and it generally results in excessive spending. In the same amount of time you spend making that ‘quick trip’ to the grocery store, you can have dinner ready.

With judicious use of your freezer space, you can cut Ground-beefdown on prep time and save money on meat by purchasing it on sale. Doing a few simple things like browning ground meat and freezing it in meal size portions can save you up to 15 minutes when it’s time to make dinner. On a busy night when everyone wants dinner immediately, that can make a big difference. You’ll notice the clearance meats say “cook or freeze by” such and such date; you don’t have to cook it immediately.

Small changes can make a big difference. What are some ideas you have to save time and money in the kitchen? Do you have tips that help you get a nutritious dinner on the table in a hurry? I’d love to hear them! Leave me a note in the comments and let me know how you cook smarter.


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