Cutting the Cord

Multiple choice test today. Last week I, a)drove to the coast with hubs, b) had a fun girl’s weekend, c)birthed a baby, d)bought a car, e)all of the above.

have-funThat’s right, all of the above! Can you say unbelievable? Happened like this:

My girlfriends and I had planned a fun long weekend where they would drive down from Dallas and we would do some antique shopping. My daughter-in-law was due with their second child a couple weeks off and I was excited to be assisting in the home birth. (Playing gopher and taking pics, not actual coaching or catching.)

But you know how babies are.

baby-boy-atlasGirls arrived on Thursday and we had a great time shopping local that afternoon, followed by a seafood dinner out that evening. We came back home to yummy lemon curd tarts in sugar cookie cups for desert. Whoa, we were stuffed.

But we stayed up too late anyway playing Headbandz. Did you know you can download party games for your phone in the App Store? Probably you did, but I’ve been living in Africa for a while, so…

Next morning, we were trying to get up early and get going to the coast since our party planner had found an amazing deal on a beautiful seaside Victorian beach house. We ate our quiche, English muffins and marmalade and loaded up the car.

I was in the dining room with my purse on my arm and my coffee-filled Yeti in hand, when my phone rang. It was barely 9:30. No one calls me at 9:30. I dug in my purse and, sure enough, it was Christy.

“I think I’m in labor.”

I have never had timing that perfect in my entire life. I once missed my entrance in a high school play, causing my friends to ad lib an entire scene without me. That’s how bad my timing is.

Long story, short, my friends left without me, hubs took me over to son’s home where he removed their toddler for safe-keeping, and about 3 hours later we had a new grandson! It was the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of.

Atlas Gabriel was born in a kiddy pool in their garage and when the midwife asked if anyone wanted to cut the cord, I tried to be polite and give someone else a chance. Since other grandma didn’t volunteer, I (think I) shouted, “I do!” What a bonus. I plan to tell him this for the rest of his life. I don’t even care.

Akuya brought big sis back to meet baby brother and prayed a blessing for mom and newborn. We were soon given permission to go. (It’s an African thing…I was jane-meeting-atlaswaiting…or maybe it was just too good to leave too soon.) Christy was all, “I’m good, go enjoy your weekend with your girlfriends.” So I did. A couple hours later Charlie dropped me off in Galveston.

He had the whole next day off work with no pesky wife around. I’m in the middle of antique-palooza and he calls with, “I think I found a car. But, I can’t buy you a car without you seeing it…?”friends-at-beach

“Yes. Yes, you can.” Praise Jesus, thank you for saving me the agonizing pain of deciding which/what to buy.

I now own keys to something. If you have ever repatriated with no house, no car, and all your stuff still in Afri-some-warehouse, then you know, this is a big deal. It feels a bit like when you first get a driver’s license.

I cut the cord. I’m a big girl now.

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    • Thanks, Carmella! Galveston was a real flashback. If you ever get down there, be sure to have breakfast at Millers. It was delish; girls recommend the crab Benedict. Don’t skip the hashbrowns.

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