Foundation Stones

None of us become who we are in a vacuum. We are surrounded by others who shape us and teach us. My mother has been an influential force in my life in ways I am still discovering. Everything I am doing in the world today I can trace directly to something or other she has taught me or some way that she has encouraged me. All the good that I ever have been or hope to be was exemplified in the home of my childhood. I do not know if my mother aspired to a particular skill or career, but she could not have aspired to be a better mother, for she is the best and I cannot think of a flaw or feature that I would change about the way she raised me.

She has made an impact not only on her own 4 children, but also on those around her. Many view hermom with respect and love and it is well deserved. All I am and all I know is built upon all that she is and has poured into me. What a privilege to have the head start in life that her rich character and Godly nature have given me. He has honored her desires to be more than she could on her own and I am proud to be her daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you.

PS – And as most of you know or suspect….she is, in fact, also a fabulous cook.

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