Instant Pot Chorizo and Black Bean Chili

Today I’m doing a riff on a recipe from Rants From My Crazy Kitchen. Number 3 bought some chorizo so he could make breakfast burritos and wanted to know what else we could do with it. I had to search around till I found a recipe for which I (mostly) had all the ingredients at hand. I didn’t have canned beans, only dried, so it was a good time to put the old Instant Pot to work.

Here’s a good tutorial from Camellia Brand Beans on cooking black beans in an Instant Pot.

If you want a written recipe, skip this post. If you want to know how to adjust a recipe to make it your own, keep going.

Once the beans were cooked, I dumped them in a colander to drain. I then hit the sauté button and browned the chorizo. Once that was cooked I added bell pepper and onion. You can adjust the sauté setting on your pot. After you press sauté, hit adjust to set temp higher or lower. Sauté a little garlic toward the end and switch off the pot. If you add garlic in at high heat or cook it longer than a minute or so, it will burn and taste awful. Don’t do that.

Lastly I dumped the beans in with a can of Spanish style tomato sauce, 3 or 4 cups of water, and a stock cube. I know! Homemade stock is better, but I didn’t have any. I put the lid on, made sure I turned it to seal and pressure cooked for 5 minutes. Remember, at this point, all the ingredients have been cooked. Why did I pressure it? To intensify and meld the flavors together.

I like the spice level using the chorizo and Spanish style tomato sauce. It was a lot of liquid/solid ratio like this and I would add more beans or even lentils next time, but the flavor is nice. It’s freezing today. I’m going to get another bowl!

Do you always cook from a recipe or do you like to experiment?

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