Instant Pot Potato Salad

Everyone’s talking about it, but no one’s actually doing anything. I hope this doesn’t describe your Instant Pot experience. It seems it is still a popular gift item, but plenty of folks aren’t sure what to do.

I purchased mine last year because I needed a new slow cooker, and was planning to invest some $ in a nice one. Once I learned I could get an Instant Pot for the same price, it was a no-brainer. I didn’t really think I needed one for pressure cooking since I already owned a stove top pressure cooker and was comfortable using it, so I hadn’t been in a hurry to add a new appliance. I’m very picky about what I let in my kitchen.

There are other multi-purpose cookers. I’m talking about IP, because that’s the one I have and know about.

Let’s get to the recipe. I based my cooking time/method on this recipe from Pressure Cooking Today.  I chose it because it allows for cooking the potatoes and boiled eggs at the same time. Here are my cooking notes:

I did not cube my potatoes into small pieces. I cut them in half for the smaller ones or quartered the larger ones. They were cooked perfectly at the end of the time. I was afraid the smaller pieces would turn to mush. I also do not have a steaming basket; only a rack, but I did put it in the bottom although I don’t think it helped in any way.

After the pressure subsided, I simply lifted the pot out and poured everything into a colander to drain. The eggs were done, the potatoes were done. Very quickly, very nice, very easy. I will say the eggs might have been a little over cooked, so it could do to cut the potatoes smaller and reduce the time a minute or 2. But I’m lazy, so I probably won’t bother.

Everyone has their preferred potato salad. Our family enjoys it dressed with  mayo, plenty of mustard, pickles, onions, salt and pepper. Very basic. Make yours like you like it!

You could also pressure cook your spuds this way for mashed potatoes. So fast!

How are you using your Instant Pot? Are you still hesitant to buy one?

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