Instant Pot “Roast” Chicken

Hippos and Hashbrowns. “Where the food is real and the stories are true.” The recipes I share with you use whole food ingredients and are things I cook for myself, my friends, and my family. The. Very. Things. Not pretty things for a photo. I think that’s easy to see.

Today’s chicken is a great example. The before photo of the raw chicken backside is hardly more appetizing than the after photo of the cooked whole chicken, or the pieces of white meat I put on my white plate with a white potato. In my mind, I was going to have a sweet potato and some broccoli or a salad with this chicken.

In reality, by the time I needed to eat it, I was tired, trying to rest a little and then heading out the door to bible study, leaving my family with an ugly white chicken on the cutting board along with a few steamed (white) potatoes. White. White. White. So ugly; not a rainbow of nutritious colors. The prettiest thing I used were the vegetables I threw in the bottom of the pot to flavor the bird.

However. It was what I had. It was homemade. It had no weird preservatives or artificial things in it and it wasn’t greasy, take-out, fast food, which is what could be the default setting on a tired and busy day. So even though I didn’t get all the side dishes together, and even though my chicken doesn’t look like the recipe I was trying to duplicate, the Instant Pot still wins.

I wasn’t patient enough to brown my chicken and it definitely tastes more like poached than roasted, but that’s fine. It was easy, quick, and I will do it again when I want cooked chicken for a casserole or something like pot pie. Which is what I did with the leftovers the next day after I had cooked the carcass all night with some veg and water to make stock.

I rubbed the chicken with salt and pepper only, no oil. I tried the brown it, flip it deal, but I won’t do that again. Chickens are slipper birds, and not easy to flip in a pot. What an ordeal. Next time, I’ll just season the chicken, place the veg in the bottom of the pot, top with chicken, add the broth and set to manual for 25 minutes. Delicious, not-roast-but-more-like-poached, chicken. A keeper. Worth trying especially if you want to make chicken enchiladas, pot pie or your other favorite chicken casserole.


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