Why Hippos?

Hippos and Hashbrowns was born with a two-fold purpose. First, as a way to help others understand the simplicity and goodness of honest food and second, a place to process and share years of stories gathered while I lived and worked in east Africa.

Honest food is the kind that feeds your body and soul. It nourishes you from the inside out and it can be prepared by anyone. It can provide good nutrition for your body, eating enjoyment for your soul, and be shared with family and friends.

What started as a blog, quickly became a bakery as local foodies kept telling me I should sell my goods at the neighborhood farmer’s market. I’m so glad they did. Baking for others has been a joy since my early teens and opening up to a market full of strangers (who become friends) has been a gift.

People at the market often ask how I came up with the name. It was really a matter of lots of talking and writing on a white board over a period of weeks. Trying to come up with something unique that could be used across all social media. Sandy’s Kitchen just wasn’t going to cut it. One day, we started toying around with animal names and talked about hippos. We’d spent 14 years in east Africa and I love hippos. And hashbrowns. No reason, other than it was the first food I thought of that started with the letter H. When I mentioned the name to my daughter-in-law, she quickly replied with an adorable sketch of a hippo holding a hashbrown. At that point, it was all over.

The little hippo has become our symbol of homemade happiness and we share it with you in everything we bake. May you find as much joy in eating and sharing our food as we do in baking it for you.

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