Why You Might Need An Instant Pot

I thought about buying one of these for a long time, but I don’t like to spend on things I don’t need. I do, however, like to buy quality on things I’ll use a lot and I don’t mind spending a little to get good things.

But I left my slow cooker in Africa because it needed replacing anyway.  And I wanted a nice one so I was prepared to spend. I have a stove top presssure cooker and I know how to use it, so I didn’t think I needed an electric gadget that did that. However, this pot was about the same as I was going to spend on a slow cooker, so I decided to try it.

Worth it.

In addition to replacing two things, namely the slow cooker and stove top pressure cooker, it has other functions. A rice cooker, which I haven’t tried. A sear function, which I love. You can brown your meat right in the stainless steel pot and then add your other things and pressure cook or slow cook. The liner is removable and stainless is the safe metal of the current thinking. No aluminum. Removable makes it easy to clean. And lightweight and easy to handle, unlike a stoneware crock. I hate those.

Also, ya’ll. I was a dufus not to realize how much simpler an electric pressure cooker is to use. If you’re afraid of a stove top pressure cooker, then you should try one of these. It is set it and forget it. No watching the jiggly thing on the lid and adjusting the burner on the stove. I absolutely love it.

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If you’re thinking ahead, you chunk your stuff in a leave it to slow cook. It will turn itself off and keep it warm and such.

If you need to get it ready fast, you chunk your stuff in and push a button to pressure cook. Then go run your errands and it shuts itself off for you. Holy moly. What a game changer.

Today I’m going to lunch with friends, then I have a pretty full day shopping for supplies and baking. I have a pork roast thawing and when I get back, I’m going to rub it with a spice mixture and pressure cook it for Mexican Pork Roast. We’ll eat it today with a black bean salad I made to go with burgers last night. And later in the week, we’ll use it for pork tacos. Yummity, yum yum. It also makes good BBQ sandwiches if you add some sauce. But then, you’ll want potato salad.

Do you have one of these? What is your favorite kitchen gadget?


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